A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

10 HOURS BELOW is a game about exploring a scene using a Timeline to find monsters in a 10 hours long animation !

You can try to search actively, or just let the game run in background for 10 hours and see the environment evolve. I think finding the 3 monsters require a lot of patience.

I made this game for the HauntedPS1 Summer 2021 GAME JAM ! The theme was SUBMECHANOPHOBIA ( a fear of submerged man-made objects )

If you don't understand how to play, search the "information" button in game :

I hope you will like it! Honestly I don't really know if it is fun, It's experimental and for now there is not a lot of content !

Install instructions

Download, unzip the file, and open the application file !


10HoursBelow_WINDOWS.zip 178 MB
10HoursBelow_MAC.zip 188 MB

Development log


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Couldn't find the first one, but interesting concept nonetheless!


I like this game very much :D

I definitely want to play with a different map!

Thank you ! Maybe one day haha

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This is an amazing concept, but it needs a bit more spice (I understand it's not really a full-fledged game). I hope to see a full version in the future! Keep up the great work!


Thank you !!


This is so good ! Amazing concept !



game behaviour became erratic if you play it above 60 fps, I recommend forcing your gpu to lock at 60fps to avoid problems.

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There's not much to do but the ambiance is really well done! It feels creepier and suffocating as time goes on, nicely captured the fear of underwater. I found 2 monsters out a 3, the first one is hard to get!


What a unique experience!
First time I play this kind of game and I loved it <3
Sounds and art are great, and the gameplay is quite unusual and fun!
It is really fun to look for monster on the time line, huge GG!