A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Discover this reinterpretation of an old tail, "Pied piper of Hamelin".

I made this little game for the Haunted PS1 Halloween Jam 2020 !

Hope you will enjoy!!

Controls : 

- In menu, click on PLAY !

- Use mouse click to run

-Use arrow keys to control camera

Credits : 

My twitter : https://twitter.com/BastinusRex

I did a  slow & reverb remix from a french music : "Les démons de minuits" from Images. 

I used sounds from the website Epidemic sound.

I fixed the bugs, now you should be able to finish the game without problems !!

(PS: try to find the easter egg if you can hihihi)

Updated 22 days ago
Published 24 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorBastinus Rex
GenreAdventure, Action
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Dark, Fantasy, Horror, Low-poly, Short, Singleplayer


HAMELIN_Mac_v02.zip 86 MB
HAMELIN_Windows_v02.zip 85 MB

Development log


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 I enjoyed the art style, it was creepy and  fun at the same time, I loved the idea of playing a horror game as a mouse. Keep up the amazing stuff, I can't wait to play whatever you make next.

I think I found the Easter egg too :)


thank you!! No you don't found it sorry haha! But you are right, there is a reference to dark souls, but this is not the easter egg!

lol anytime, dang I thought for sure it was lol maybe I’ll try again soon. :)

My friend has been freed. NOW OFF TO THE SCHOOL HOSUE! Oh look! Some cheese...waitwaitwaitwaitwait nononoNONONON *SNAP*

Haha thank you! You sing really well by the way!

No problem! And awe, thank you! I really appreciate that. ;{)

Alors je n'ai pas du tout reconnu la musique, mais peut-être parce que je n'avais pas le son trop fort (bah oui quoi, j'essayais de me frayer un chemin discrètement...). Non en fait c'est juste que le remix était cool! En tout cas j'ai adoré le jeu! Merci pour ce point de vue du côté des rats! A la fin, il y a une sorte de bug mais en ma faveur: le soldat a piétiné mes 5 comparses mais nous étions près de sous la planche et j'ai survécu par je ne sais quel miracle. Et même si j'étais seul, ça a marché pour délivrer mon maître. Donc j'ai réussi à finir le jeu, j'espère qu'ils périront tous ces saligauds~. Pour le secret, j'ai trouvé la flûte par hasard quand lors d'un clic le rat est part de l'autre côté de la charpente. Ça m'a fait rire que le mec soit là "bon ça suffit dépêche toi". Ecoute vieux, je suis juste un p'tit rat hein... :B

Waaa merci pour ce long commentaire détaillé !!
Je suis trooop content que tu aies trouvé la flûte, tu es la deuxième personne à m'en parler ! ça fait super plaisir merci!

Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, I loved the style of it, and the sound effects and environments were great, that collecting 6 rats part took me a few tries to do but it was pretty well balanced, I liked it, good work :)

Thank you for your nice feedbacks!!! :D

Rat is the problem

Thank you for testing and recording! You played very well haha

I loved it! It was a nice little game and I loved playing from the rats POV. It took me away to get used to the controls but after I did it was a fun little stealth game! Its the first game, starting at 0:14.

Thank you for playing! I loved your video and commentary ☺️

Creepy, but damn those guards are mean! 


Hahaa thank you for making this video 😁 !!!

You want to see from this game just skip to the second game. i played 5 free horror games. If you want to see the whole video ill appreciate It. Subscribe If You Choose To. Thank You For Your Time

Thanks for testing, the game was really difficult for you because you never moved the camera

Yeah it’s not a bad game tho just was really difficult to play like the style and the concept of being a rat. Great idea

hmm... i gonna download it maybe it is cool. but you know  Cosmoteer Just Download It. Cosmoteer Is Cool The Game Is Like This=

  • spaceship builder
  • space sandbox
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  • cool

bye!!! (^o^)

I liked it, had a few laughs, had a few rage moments, it was fun. I  give you 5 stars.


Thank you!!!! 😍😍

It's a quite interesting concept maybe this could be extend to an awesome short story game (1h./2h.) and I'll totally be more than happy. Great work :)
I'll leave here my video for you anyone to watching.
Regards :)

Thank you!! Maybe I'll do that in the future!

A short but interesting game, I enjoyed the melody which plays in the cutscenes. Takes around 5-10 minutes to complete. Gameplay is interesting and controlling the camera was tricky sometimes, but nethertheless a good little game worth your while.

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I really liked this! Perfect mix of stealth and horror. Very unique game. I love finding games like this that are totally different from conventional horror games. Great job! 


Thank you !! Your video was really cool!

Gave it a go, unfortunate about the crashes

Thank you but you played at the old version, that is no more available, there is no more crashes

Any more content-related updates, or will it be only the bug fixes?

I think for now I will not upload a version with more content, but maybe one day in future?

i like how you found some really weird and good games on itch.io

<3 <3

Very cool perspective, nice job.

Thank you for testing my game ! It was really cool to see you playing!


I think the game is interesting but I don’t particularly like the controls. Game kinda plays itself before the last level. The art-style is nice.


Thank you ! I know the controls can be a bit frustrating cause it's not conventional but I like the point & click vibes !



This game was very nice schematically, it gave off great vibes. My only concern was the controls at first and even though I never mastered, I was able to get past level 2 in a couple attempts. I really liked this take on that ol Tale. Good play will be look out for more. GGs

Thank you for testing !! GG you bring 7 rats instead of 6 haha


Thank you for creating this.  I appreciate you actually giving the vid a peep. Not a lot of creators respond so I will be looking for more games by you in the future. Keep it up

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Hi, I just loved playing your game. It captures the aesthetics of PS1 era so well. I have made a full gameplay in my channel. Congrats for your amazing work. 

Thank you for your kind words!! That was a speedrun haha! You did'nt die at any point, so strong !


I actually did find his flute after I played it again! Pretty fun execution of an original concept, happy to see folk inspired one shots and it looks great! 

Here's my playthrough if anyone is interested! 


Waaa I'm so happy, you're the first one to mention the flûte ! And your run was really cool to see, you played very well !

Thanks! Keep doing what you're doing, very cool! I really enjoyed the control scheme too!


Не крутится камера по вертикали .. и управление только компьютерной мышкой

Thank you for testing !! I do not understand what you say but thank you !

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😀

Hi ! Aaah thank you very much! but I'm sad because you didn't play at the last version of the game, where the bug is fixed :(

A short game oozing with medieval grimness. The rats as asymmetric occult insurgency. I forgot how much I missed click and drag character control…

Thank you !!! :D

Unique mechanics and really nice color choice! Great work!

<3 <3 thank you !!


Wow great game indeed, The gameplay wasn't like anything I played before plus love the creep factor of it. However the ending crashed which was a bit annoying but over all great game. want to see my reactions and thoughts? see the video 

ooooh thank you very much!!!! But it's sad I have just posted an updated version with no crash 😭😭 

It was so cool to see you play, you are very nice, and thank you for your good advices ♥️♥️

It was a fun game, keep it up I would love to see more. 

keeps crashing on level 2 with 5 rats

Heeey thank for testing!! I fixed the bug in a new version!!

Will you ever upload a more full version of it?

Hey!! I just posted a version without bugs.

I don't know if I'll do a version with more levels and content, but maybe yes!

I like this dark telling of the Pied Piper. Though it would be nice if I didn't crash. Other then that, not bad.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Waaa you're so nice, I'm really happy that you care about the fact that it is a reinterpretation of the Pied Piper.

Again sorry for the crash at the end, I'll try to find a fix as soon as I can :)


The bug is fixed !

Very nice !  I finished this game (after somes bugs !).

Take 4 rats in the left, then 1 in the right and it will be okay (if you don't bug on the fourth).

Anyway the ambiance was really cool, well done ! Great job for a solo jam !


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Thanks for testing !!! Again, sorry for the crash !

This game's really cool, man! I really enjoyed it. I hope you'll expand on it one day or maybe do a longer sequel in the same style. It's a really fun idea and you did a great job on it. I did run into a problem on level 2 like you mentioned above, so I included your outro vid at the end of mine so viewers could see it. I hope you don't mind. Thanks for the fun!


Thank you!!! I was sooo happy watching you testing!!

Really sorry for the crashes on level 2, I'll try to fix it!

And I'm really happy that you showed the outro :)

In fact I was really in the rush at the end 😬

I fixed the crash ! :)