A downloadable uctsg for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Welcome to the Ultimate cardio training session with God !

This hamster is the god of time, running on the wheel of time. If he stops, everything stops too.

He wears a VR headset to escape  the monotony of his Job.

Help him by clicking on the broken clocks.

This game was created during a gamejam at LISAA school in 48h. 

The theme was : "Move in time, not in space" (the hamster moves Time, but stays in place)

I did it why my friend Juliax  who did the animations <3

The music is " Positif " by Mr Oizo


UltimateCardioTrainingSessionWithGod.zip 22 MB


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I know this a joke, but holy goddamn the graphics, music, shaders are awesome.  You overcame 70% of all these games. And that yaranika lmao.

Loved it. 


Vinny played this (link to VOD) and I absolutely love this holy shit


AAAH i was so happy watching  this with the chat reaction HAHA thank you very much !! 

Mr. Oizo in da House

I enjoyed quite a bit. While it's not a game you can really talk over I did record it for my channel. Just love the aesthetic overall. 

Hahaha thank you :)